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The business model for RENT-CEO was conceived after years of working with small and mid-sized businesses and listening to entrepreneurs and executives lament about the lack of experienced financial talent on an as-needed, affordable basis.   

As trusted advisors to shareholders and management teams, we use industry best practices and proven methodologies to help solve the most complex operational business issues, working in a truly collaborative manner to generate maximum results. We offer your organization the expertise of our professionals for a fraction of the cost of a full-time hire.

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What can we offer at Rent-CEO that makes the service worthwhile?



Sure, we’ve said this plenty of times already and you’ll find it plastered all over our website, but can we really underestimate the importance of experience? Your investment will go towards an experienced interim CEO who has the confidence and ability to deal with short-term problems as well as the vision for long-term growth.


Instant Availability

If you were to search for a full-time leader, the recruitment process could take months (months you might not have!). We aren’t saying you should stop the process; we can fill the gap while you search for the perfect fit. It doesn’t matter whether your previous CEO has left, or you just need to expand the management team, an interim CEO will keep the business steady while you arrange long-term plans.



When an interim CEO comes in to help, they will be accountable for results (just like a regular CEO). Without worrying about severance packages, extensive contracts, benefits, and everything else that comes with hiring management, you’ll have access to the very best executive talent. No bureaucracy, they can walk through the door and start offering a return on the investment immediately.


Very Little Admin

Although we hinted at it in the previous point, we feel it deserves a section of its own. What do you need and when do you need it? This is most of the admin required to get started with Rent-CEO. You don’t have to worry about contracts, and the relationship can base itself around hard work and success rather than fine print.


We should note that written agreements will be recommended for long-term projects and when a section of our fee is based on performance.


An Agreement Based Around Engagement


RENT-CEO is not just a consultant. You are accessing the power and brainpower of boots-on-the-ground operators, who have a wealth of experience working with companies that span across size and industry. We don’t like big reports that end up lying on the table and never gets executed. Our business assessment provides an outlook of a company that points to results and how to get there quickly because in stress every minute counts.


RENT-CEO offers swift stability to a company’s team and its operations, as well as immediate comfort to its Board and shareholders.


Our plug-and-play service provides a bridge during the leadership transition period, allowing for the proper amount of time required to identify, recruit and on-board a new CEO.

We can help at every stage of the business life cycle


Birth - Startup Management Consultant, Executive Recruitment, Interim Executive.

Growth - Interim Management, Management Consultants, Executive Recruitment.

Maturity - Interim Management, Management Consultants, Executive Recruitment.

Turnaround - M&A, IPO - Interim Management, Management Consultants.


We want you to:


   Allow your business to be transformed with an experienced Interim CEO.

   Enjoy the perfect transition with an Interim CEO.

   Let a brilliant Interim CEO help your business to become more efficient this year.

   Excel in this competitive world with a high-performing executive.

  Why spend time without essential experience when an Interim Executive can plug the gap?

   Do it the right way and install the right executive from the very beginning.

   If you fail to plan, you plan to fail (thank you, Benjamin Franklin).

   Getting started with a knowledgeable executive has never been easier.

   Solve your business challenges today with executive-level management consultants.

   Keep growing and don’t let geography or a lack of international leadership be an excuse this year.

   Whether you plan to build, expand, or renovate, you need a tried and tested strategy…something we can provide.

   Why waste time and money when you can hire an Interim CEO who has already learned the valuable lessons you need?

•   Get in touch for a free chat today!

Our Goals for you


  • OPTIMIZE profits, systems and processes

  • GROW sales and expand markets globally

  • REPLACE ineffective or incompetent leadership

  • FIX what is stuck, stalled, or stagnant

  • MAXIMIZE the value of a current or future transaction

  • FILL organizational gaps: sudden leave

  • ALIGN the team, partners, owners, boards and employees

  • CREATE a new project, process, spinoff, JV or new company

  • PERFORMANCE improvement of overall business strategies

  • PATH to Profitability

  • OPPORTUNITIES that could expand the reach and growth

  • IMPROVE the ways in which your business is financed

  • SYNERGIES and strategies to best manage transition and integration

  • CRYSTALLIZE their long term goals of Succession

  • DEVELOP Exit strategies to make them a reality


If you think we can help you address any or all of these challenges and to achieve the future you would prefer to have for yourself and your organization, connect with us today. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss how your needs and our skills, experience and resources might intersect to help support you and your organization. Your inquiry and any subsequent communication will be treated with absolute confidentiality.



After getting in touch, you’ll receive a free introduction where you can tell us about your situation, what you require from us, and more. With nothing to lose, why not contact us today and get started right now?

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